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Our Mission & Philosophy

The Alcateia do Lobo Ecovillage - an intentional community centered on the concept of living our best lives. The private homesites are spacious enough for plenty of breathing space between you and your neighbours, and remote enough for you to get lost in your own thoughts as you listen to the omnipresent sounds of nature just outside your bedroom window..


“To provide an opportunity for ecologically minded individuals who have awoken to the profound magic of Unity Consciousness and a higher unconditional love for all life, to reside within a pristine rural ecosystem while promoting the conservation of species and the natural environment.” Our mission is to grow a permanent and thriving community of socially and ecologically responsible individuals who are committed to a lifestyle of perpetual education and personal wellness, compassionate communication with others, autonomous cooperation, and a loving stewardship of the Earth.



Although we intend providing an experience for humans to dwell, interact, and grow within the ecovillage realm, we would remain committed to being stewards of this precious land and our environment. Everything would have to be done with consciousness, caution and care ... guided by our personal beliefs.

This is sacred ground.

The closer we get to a virtuous circle, in which our work, our home life, our ethics and our spirituality are mutually reinforcing, the closer we will be to achieving genuine sustainability

-James Wilsdon


As members of the Wolf Tribe at The Alcateia do Lobo, we are committed to the principles of sustainability. For us, sustainability is achieved through an integrated, holistic approach, which is outlined in the Balinese philosophy of: "Tri Hita Karana"

Tri Hita Karana describes how we develop based on three direct relationships: our relationship with the environment, our relationship with other beings, and our relationship with God or The Universal Energy.

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