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Property Ownership

Who owns the Alcateia do Lobo property and how is property ownership managed?

The Alcateia do Lobo property is owned by The Alcateia do Lobo Tribal Land Trust (the ADLTLT), a legal foundation registered in Portugal and subject to the laws of the country.
This means that as the official owner of the property, the ADLTLT remains responsible for the management of, and will have the final say, in all The Alcateia do Lobo property matters, in perpetuity.
Furthermore, it is responsible to manage possible future sales of shares of The Alcateia do Lobo community members wishing to leave the Ecovillage and of new community members wishing to buy shares, as they become available.
It also means that individual tribal households would not own their individual homesites or any of the remaining The Alcateia do Lobo Property.
Instead, each household owns a share in the ADLTLT, and as shareholders, they are joint owners of the entire property.
In exchange for their investment in the ADLTLT, they are granted exclusive use of their own, private, single-acre homesite as well as full access to the remainder of the entire The Alcateia do Lobo property.
Each individual homesite is registered in the name of the respective Household Shareholder which in turn, is entitled to all rights to the homesite in perpetuity (including bequeathing these rights to their children/heirs or, until such time as the respective share is sold back to the ADLTLT or to a new Wolf Tribe Member approved by ADLTLT.
This also means that for the price of a single share, each Household not only receives an acre of property for their own use, but also complete access to the entire property excluding the remainder of the homesites.

A complete document on Shareholding in The Alcateia do Lobo Tribal Land Trust, including terms & conditions, is available on request.




Only thirty single acre homesites will be available at The Alcateia do Lobo Ecovillage and they will all be located within a portion of the property referred to as the Designated Residential Area.


These homesites are for residential purposes only since more than enough provision has been made on the Alcateia do Lobo property for food production. However, each homestead is quite entitled to plant fruit trees, herbs for the kitchen and indigenous flower gardens, should they so desire.


The homesites are sufficiently set apart to provide privacy and space between neighbors and to afford the occupants with a sense of remoteness that enables them to create their own private, residential sanctuary. Despite this, they are all within comfortable walking distance from the rest of the elements of the ecovillage.


The diagram has been included to give you some idea of a single acre property in proportion to a single dwelling. 1 acre = 4046.86 square meters or 43,560 square feet or 16 tennis courts..



A Community Land Trust (CLT) is a private, non-profit corporation, created to acquire and hold land for the benefit of a community, and provide secure affordable access to land and housing for community residents.

It allows permanent tenure, sociocratic governance, but most importantly affordability for housing, farms and businesses as it takes the speculative market out of the equation.

They are charitable trusts, or non-profit legal entities, with a deed of trust and a purpose statement to direct the trustees in protecting community values, and promoting community development within a defined area, now and for future generations.

They offer a balanced approach to ownership: the non-profit trust owns the land and then may lease it for a nominal fee to individuals who own the buildings on the land.

As the home is truly their own, it provides the homeowners with the same permanence and security as a conventional buyer, and they can use the land in the same way as any other homeowner.

Community land trusts help communities to:

  • Provide affordable housing for all residents in the community Promote resident ownership and control of housing

  • Keep housing affordable for future residents

  • Build a strong base for community action

The governance of the trust is performed by trustees, who are chosen by a defined community. Trustees are be representatives of the community and it is their responsibility to abide by and adhere to the trust deed at all times. The Trustees are also responsible for:

  • Directing development of the trust

  • Directing homesite agreements

  • Treat all beneficial owners fairly and impartially

  • Abide by all relevant laws

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