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I had a dream ...

Waking upon a beautiful Sunday morning with only the early chattering of the wild breaking the dawn. Reflecting on last night’s gathering of women around the fire under the full moon. We spoke about our tribe daughters, their important work for future generations. We spoke about balancing the scales of the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves. I reflected on how unbalanced my energy is, having predominantly feminine energy.

I felt like strolling to the river when my daughter woke up to accompany me. As we sat next to the river we spoke about life and death. A sensitive topic, but such a beautiful experience to share with my 9-year-old. We talked about the cycles in nature, the cycles in our human world. What happens after death and the reason for the cycles? We were joined by a tribe father with his son and the four of us sat next to the river contemplating this topic of cycles. While we sat watching the flow of the river the discussion went ahead between the two children. Their conclusion was that the law of mother earth, the cycles of life, are evident in every organism on earth and that the human is not exempt from her ever flowing cycles of life. The children have accepted that it is what it is and should they come face to face with losing a loved one, they would naturally be sad, but their understanding is that it is part of the cycle and they are in agreement with this.

We walked up to the tribe restaurant where we enjoyed a hearty cup of coffee and delightful rooibos tea. I felt like spending time with Mary, a 75-year-old woman with so much wisdom, and grabbed a tea on the go. Mary was busy in her rose garden, her eyes lit up when she saw me approaching her home. We sat in the morning sun, drinking in the beauty that surrounds us. I asked Mary if she would enjoy a reflexology later during the day, I took some workshops with Kate the last few months and eager to practise my newfound skill. We spoke about the children discussing life and death at the river. I asked Mary what she thought about the children and their very casual emotions regarding death. Mary explained to me that because we have raised our children with a conscious mind and their experience they had in the tribe with death of our animals and even loved ones, how we celebrated the lives they lived and celebrated their passing to other dimensions, we have created a unique understanding which goes hand in hand with the cycles of mother earth. In the tribe living we have ensured purity of their mind and handed on wisdom unfound in the “normal” world.

While the children played hide and seek, I ventured to the tribe library where I found Women who Runs with Wolves. This will be my Sunday afternoon reading while my husband is away helping build a house of a new tribe member. The kids have an art workshop which Heather suggested. Today I felt like just being on my own, with my book and some favourite music playing in the background.

By the afternoon I seek the company of Celia, I found her in the tribe kitchen, rolling out pizza dough for those who are craving pizza. She was surrounded by little humans in little aprons, their faces dusted with flour. Although it was not my turn to help in the kitchen, I could not resist and jumped into the fun, cutting toppings we harvested the day before.

Our family ended the evening with horse riding to the wildlife reserve where we checked on a wolf who we have rescued and on the verge of delivering pups, while some of the tribe joined in meditation and yoga under the waning full moon.

I woke this Sunday morning, with the song of birds and realised I was still in Panama. I had my coffee, sat on the veranda to drink in the abundant sounds surrounding me. With a sigh, I greeted my daughters and head for my office. Wishing I could go back to my dream….

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