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A message from our Founders ...

The Wolf Tribe at Alcateia do Lobo Ecovillage recognise that integrity is not something we show others but rather, how we behave behind their backs.

We are committed to honesty , integrity and transparency throughout all facets of our project.

As a community, we have no desire to be associated with dubious practices of any nature.

We, the members of the Wolf Tribe and founders of The Alcateia do Lobo Ecovillage, have no interest in personal financial gain from this community project. Instead, we are committed to co-creating an outstanding and memorable space to call home - for each and every member of our tribe. Any benefits derived from the project therefore, are for the benefit of the entire community


We recognise that this is a long-term project and that we will continue to invest in it for many years to come. Because our vision for the final result is a truly spectacular Ecovillage, our attention to detail towards every aspect of the development is paramount and we will endeavor to develop it according to the needs and requirements of our community members.    


We are not in the business of selling plots of land and none of us is entitled to any commissions from the sale of shares. The Alcateia do Lobo Ecovillage Project therefore, is neither a scam nor a money-making scheme.


Any income generated by this project, from interested individuals, couples, families, sponsorships, donations etc., is not paid into any individual account and no single person profits from any of the funds raised through the sale of shares.  Instead, it is paid into a Portuguese-registered and audited Community Land Trust called The Alcateia do Lobo Tribal Land Trust which is managed by the community members themselves.

No single individual within The Alcateia do Lobo Ecovillage Project has the autonomy to decide on how the community's funds are to be used.  The utilization of all funds paid into The Alcateia do Lobo Tribal Land Trust by The Alcateia do Lobo Ecovillage Project are decided on by a sociocratic, participatory process, lead by our Council of Elders; The Circle of Feathers, wherein all adult members of the community agree unanimously on how the funds are to be spent. 


Furthermore, at all times, the financial accounts of The Alcateia do Lobo Tribal Land Trust are available for scrutiny by all the investors in the Trust and anyone else who may have contributed financially towards the project.

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It is important to note that the management team responsible for The Alcateia do Lobo Ecovillage Project is not a separate entity. Instead, it is comprised of the members of the The Alcateia do Lobo Ecovillage community

and that therefore, all community funds are administered and managed by each and every adult community member themselves.  


We, the members of the Wolf Tribe and the founders of The Alcateia do Lobo Ecovillage extent an invitation to any individual, couple or family who may be considering to join our community and becoming an active participant in our ecovillage, to discuss any concerns they may have about the project and in particular, how their investment would be secured, how it would be used and finally, how they would be able to recover their investment, in the event that they decide to leave The Alcateia do Lobo Ecovillage Project, someday.

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