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Why Portugal?

With some of Europe’s most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and glorious weather, it might be easy to dismiss Portugal as another popular holiday-hotspot but not consider it as a possible home. Many people fail to realise just how sophisticated and culturally fine this special country is. Those that do, are often people who have been thinking of moving to Portugal for some time and already know what a stunning place it is ... so don’t miss out on your chance.

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Portugal may be a small country (only around the size of Ireland) but it certainly packs a lot within its borders! Amazing unspoilt scenery and historical buildings, time-honoured traditions and culture ... it really does appear to have it all.
With so many expats currently enjoying its charms, it may soon be time to snap up your own piece of Portuguese paradise.

  1. The best climate in Europe

  2. The outstanding quality of life

  3. Beautiful, affordable & spacious properties

  4. Portugal’s beaches and coasts are amongst the most stunning in Europe 

  5. The cost of living is undeniably low

  6. Tasty, fresh local produce at affordable prices

  7. One of the most family-friendly countries in Europe 

  8. Amazing, one-of-a-kind culture

  9. The warm, friendly people

  10. The Algarve and Portugal generally is the perfect place to retire 

  11. The perfect base for digital nomads

  12. English is widely spoken

  13. Alfresco dining

  14. Delicious cuisine

  15. A complex and fascinating history 

  16. Some of the finest surfing in the world

  17. Popular with those seeking to escape the rat race for sustainable living 

  18. Charming Portuguese villages to die for

  19. Festivals and Carnivals throughout the year

  20. High rate of expat satisfaction 

  21. Portuguese wine

  22. Unforgettable pastries

  23. Portugal encourages foreign investment and property ownership 

  24. The Iberian Wolf - Portugal's national animal

The Iberian Wolf (Canus Lupus Signatus)

Iberian Wolf.jpg
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