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Organisation & Governance

The Alcateia do Lobo Ecovillage works within a Dynamic Governance model to create a fluid and efficient integration of the many roles and contributions that create The Alcateia do Lobo that is in line with the core values of equality and respect for diversity.




All Wolf Tribe Members participate in the management of The Alcateia do Lobo Ecovillage in one way or another, and everyone is part of a team that is connected to the central, decision making hub; a Council of Elders known as: "THE CIRCLE OF FEATHERS".

Roles are assigned and chosen with respect for each person’s vision and talent while seeking to balance responsibility and accountability for the long-term outcomes of the decisions made.



The Circles of Stones are comprised of specialist Wolf Tribe Members who are responsible for managing the various aspects of The Ecovillage:

  • The Alcateia do Lobo Tribal Land Trust

  • Circle of Stones for Administration & Governance

  • Circle of Stones for Membership & Residence

  • Circle of Stones for Communication & Media

  • Circle of Stones for Finance

  • Circle of Stones for Commerce & Economic Development

  • Circle of Stones for Arts & Tribal Culture

  • Circle of Stones for Knowledge

  • Circle of Stones for Health & Safety

  • Circle of Stones for Tribal Spirituality

  • Circle of Stones for Permaculture & Land Management

  • Circle of Stones for Maintenance

  • Circle of Stones for Ecovillage Hospitality

  • Circle of Stones for Construction

  • Circle of Stones for Architecture & Environmental Design

Each Circles of Stones operates freely within given parameters in its own area of responsibility, is responsible for educating its own members in its work and keeping its own records. Each Circle of Stones is headed up by the Wolf Tribe’s leading elder in that particular field who in turn, make up the Circle of Feathers.

Beyond the Circles of Stones are the Pebble Circles which are often temporary, specialised task groups, formed to address specific projects required by the day- to-day running of the Ecovillage. Pebble Circles are comprised of Wolf Tribe members who are experienced and or qualified in the particular field as well as other members of the community who have been requested to join the working detail.


































A Sociocracy, also known as dynamic governance, is a system of governance which seeks to achieve solutions that create harmonious social environments as well as productive organizations and businesses. It is distinguished by the use of consent rather than majority voting in decision-making, and decision- making after discussion by people who know each other. Decisions are made when there are no remaining "paramount objections", that is, when there is informed consent from all participants. Objections must be reasoned and argued and based on the ability of the objector to work productively toward the goals of the organization. All policy decisions are made by consent, although the group may consent to use another decision-making method.

The sociocratic organization is composed of a hierarchy of semi-autonomous circles. This hierarchy, however, does not constitute a power structure as autocratic hierarchies do. Each circle has the responsibility to execute, measure, and control its own processes in achieving its goals. It governs a specific domain of responsibility within the policies of the larger organization. Individuals acting as links function as full members in the decision-making of both their own circles and the next higher circle. A circle's operational leader is by definition a member of the next higher circle and represents the larger organization in the decision-making of the circle they lead. Each circle also elects a representative to represent the circles' interests in the next higher circle.

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